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Black hope. Black pride. Black beauty. Black excellence.

About our online store.

“We have a beautiful history and we shall create another in the future that will astonish the world” - Marcus Garvey was founded by JaMichael Mitchell, a proud advocate of Black progression in all aspects of life. He’s also the founder of EraBright, a Black-owned digital marketing agency, and Melaviews, a media platform devoted to sharing diverse viewpoints regarding Black culture, family, and lifestyle. 

Inspired by the “Do for Self” mentality bestowed upon us by the Marcus Garvey & and the Nation of Islam, the entrepreneurial spirit of Madam CJ Walker, AG Gaston, and many more, along with the Black pride of Kwame Toure, MLK, Angela Davis, and countless others, represents Blackness and Black culture by keeping our ancestor’s voices alive and heard through expressive Black pride apparel and merchandise. 

Completely Black-owned, Blackmerch is a company created for us by us. We are your central hub for everyday wear and household items celebrating Black expression. Shop with confidence knowing that the money you spend with us will be recycled back into our communities as well as Black-owned charitable organizations.